4 New Saree Designs To Look Out For In 2018

Indian sarees have undergone a lot of changes over time. From traditional designs and embroideries, we have come a long way into new age patterns, new fabrics, fusion and Indo-Western styles and much more. Even Indian saree accessories have been revolutionized into newer and trendier designs.

Indian saree trends have been popularized by our fashion divas from Bollywood. The top designers of the country have given us amazing new saree designs and innovative styles in Indian saree. Today, Indian saree styles are famous all across the globe and they have become even trendier, more fashionable and stylish. Indian sarees in Bollywood come in a wide variety of options to choose for different occasions and events.

We have some of the new saree designs and trends in Indian sarees for you to contemplate and flaunt to stay trendy and updated.

New fabrics and textures: Designers have experimented with new textures and fabrics in Indian saree and the result has been amazing. From rustling paper silks to stiff organza, gossamer tissues, smooth satins and gauzy pieces of jute, there are so many new fabrics to try. Even new saree designs in grainy textures, geometric patterns, etc. are popular these days.

Blended designs: Pure fabrics are being replaced by blended fabrics like mixing cotton with silk and others. This way you get the best of both fabrics and the embroideries which go best with them. Also, the overall cost of the saree comes down as complete pure fabrics are often very expensive. Fusions like georgette and crepe or silk with linen have worked well.

Designs on white: The pristine white has become a favorite among new saree designs. Nets, sheer lace fabrics, chiffons and even silks in creams and white looks extremely classy and stylish.

Statement saree designs: Statement saree designs are very popular these days. Abstract patterns, quirky blouse design, color combinations, innovative borders, new draping styles, saree accessories- everything can help to make your saree statement and leave a mark.

A new year means new fashion trends and new designs to add to your wardrobe. If you are looking to revamp your Indian saree collection, then some of these new saree design trends can be just apt for you. If you want to make a style statement with Indian sarees, then you ought yo try a few of these new trends.

In the new year, get trendy, stay style and give your body the apparels it would love to adorn!