4 Post-Christmas Ideas for Those Old Sunglasses

So, the love of your life bought you a brand-new pair of designer sunglasses for Christmas. You couldn’t be more thrilled. You were hoping for some new shades, and now your Christmas dreams have come true. But what do you do with the old pair? It seems a shame to discard them given that they are still in good condition, but you do not need another pair of sunglasses to keep track of. Well, no worries. There are lots of possibilities.

Olympic Eyewear, a Utah wholesaler that designs and sells more than a dozen brands of designer sunglasses, says that the Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for retail sunglasses. And why not? Sunglasses make a great gift for adults and children alike. Not only that, but we Americans are notorious for losing or breaking our sunglasses with regularity. We fuel the market by buying millions of new pairs every single year.

All of that aside, let us get back to the question of what to do with your old sunglasses after the Christmas joy has died down. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Give the Snowman a New, Cool Look

One of the first things that comes to mind is that snowman out in the front yard. He could use a new, cool look. How about using your old sunglasses as a snow person accessory to update a tired look that, for some reason, still seems to be mired in carrot stick noses and coal lump eyes? And when the snow melts, you can set the sunglasses aside for next winter.

2. Use Them as Christmas Decoration

Maybe you’re not into building snowmen in the front yard. Or perhaps you live in a warm-weather state that doesn’t get snow. You could use those old sunglasses as a Christmas decoration. Affix them to your inflatable Santa with a piece of string or some glue. Hang them on your Christmas tree like a crazy new ornament. Or even add some fun to your holiday gatherings by temporarily gluing them (with hot glue) to your punch bowl. They will be the life of the party.

3. Pass Them Down to the Kids

Every kid loves to dress up like an adult, right? So handing down your old sunglasses to the kids is a perfect opportunity for play. Throw in an old hat and maybe a coat and a pair of gloves, and your kids will have hours of fun pretending to be you on a cold winter day that would otherwise be punctuated by boredom. Don’t have kids? Then nieces and nephews will enjoy your old sunglasses just the same.

4. Throw Them in Your Golf Bag

If you are a golfer, you know how easy it is to get out onto the course and realize you left your sunglasses in the car. That doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Put your old sunglasses in a case and stick them in your golf bag. You will be ready next time you play. And if you don’t need them, maybe someone else in your foursome will.

There are lots of other ways to make use of your old sunglasses after the Christmas holiday. Anglers can throw them in the tackle box or leave them on the boat. Skiers can use them on the slopes rather than endangering the new sunglasses they got for Christmas. The point is this: there is no reason to throw away your old sunglasses just because you got a new pair. You can always find a way to use them.