6 Dress Staples For Your Closet

Women’s fashion changes so much every year that it can be hard to keep track of what is in and what is out. While fabrics and colors change and designers introduce new embellishments and cuts, there is a handful of classic dress styles that every woman should keep in her wardrobe.  These Yvonne Marie ladies dresses styles are timeless and modern at the same time and really add tasteful class to any fashion sense.


Hitting its height of popularity in the 1940s and 1950s (think Marilyn Monroe, of course), this back-baring frock continues to thrive thanks to continuous reinvention.   In the 1970s, of course, this style went through a bit of a disco metamorphosis and it seems this glam-inspired, floor-length getup will never go out of style.


Parisien couturier Christian Dior first introduced this flattering dress style in 1955. Today, it remains a staple wardrobe item for fashionistas all over the world.  With a frame that resembles the letter “A” (hence the name, of course) this very feminine style minimizes the top with narrow shoulders that flares out from the waist to the skirt hem.  Basically, it looks good on almost any body type!


Popularized in the 1960s, this dress might be best noted as representative of Mod styles.  Simple and practical, this dress is also very versatile, which might explain how it has been able to stand the test of time.


With origins dating back as far as Jean Harlow in the 1920s, the Slip Dress is basic and slinky. Lightweight and simple, this minimalist style has found a bit of resurgence through the 90s and is still quite popular today.


Another fashion icon birthed in the iconic 1970s, the wrap dress combines the simple function of a robe, but flatters the figure like other types of more elegant gowns. The wrap dress is quite a smart investment for your closet because it can also be quite versatile, suitable as much for play as it is for work.


The most elegant and complex dress style on this list, the evening gown is an exquisite example of fashion.  Resembling bouffant ball gowns, the evening gown is definitely something you reserve for special occasions. There are many styles to choose from, of course, but each will unmistakably belong to this particular category.