Get Ready For Some Rock And Roll With Different Styles Of Draping A Six Yard Saree

There is no one who don’t like doing parties as it is one of the few ways through which you can enjoy and moreover can spend some quality time with friends, family and relatives. But, for ladies party is such occasion where they can flaunt their beauty and be a style icon. So, if you also have plan of attending any party but don’t know what to wear then saree is best option. Although, a huge variety of designer dresses are available in market such as gowns, midis etc. but undoubtedly saree is evergreen and even modern brides are also preferring it.

If wrapped properly then saree can make you look classy, sophisticated and stylish. Along with this, a simple saree can be much more like sexy, formal, casual, and traditional and fun as well. In fact, it is very significant as they are unmatched and timeless. However, still there is something which make many fashion enthusiasts stick to this six yard long piece of cloth which is different styles in which it can be draped.

These days, many designer sarees have also made their place in market because they are simple, sober and easy to carry. In fact, blue color sarees for party wear are in great demand and even varieties of blue such as royal blue, sea blue, sky blue etc. are also in option. Along with all this, you must invest in saree covers with hangers as it is finest way of storing your expensive saree.

Different ways of wearing a saree

Wearing saree in same style again and again can be boring and dull. So, you can add some fun and excitement by draping saree in alternate ways. Some of them are:

  • Mumtaz style: If you are comfortable in wearing sexy chiffon saree with blingly borders then you must go with Mumtaz style. This style will never go out of fashion and is great look for casual parties. This look often have small visible border on lower skirt drape and is draped without pleats. It is draped in form of layers forming two edges of saree.
  • Dhoti style: This style is gaining wide popularity among fashionistas all credit goes to its style quotient. One of the main benefit of wearing dhoti style saree is that it allows extra movement and even it look great in winter. In fact, for getting an eclectic look you can pair it with blazers, jackets and more.
  • Pant style: This is one of the few western style of draping saree and it is very easy. For draping this style, you will need an ankle length pair of pants or leggings along with well fitted blouse. Take an end of saree pallu and make pleats of pallu by pulling it over your shoulder. Then, take another end by bringing it back from right side and tuck in side of your left waist. Now make pleats of loose hanging saree and tuck it in center of pants.