How to Be the Perfect Runway Model

Part of the things that you are expected to do when you will become a professional model is to do the catwalk. Models are expected to walk the runway every so often so, it makes sense that you will perfect how to do it yourself. You need to make sure that smash it when you are out there to get a truly charming performance.

You will find that learning the catwalk is quite easy. However, mastering it and perfecting it are two different things. What is interesting about runway walking though is that it is not just something that requires outward calibration; it requires some inward thrust too. Inner confidence, physical balance, and a sparkling personality are just among the many things that you are going to need to be armed with if you want to perfect that ramp walk.  

Good Posture Is Important

Thinking tall is always a good technique to ensure that you will get that perfect posture when walking the runway. Make sure to stand straight and then slightly lean your body back. This is the perfect stance to ensure that your legs are going first. Your toes should be pointing upward then start walking with one foot after the other- very much like doing a tightrope walk.

Avoid Exaggerating Your Hips

People often have this misconception that walking on the runway requires some really serious hip swapping. It does not. As you trot along, the hips should be able to move naturally so, there is really no need to exaggerate that.  

Naturally Swing Your Arms

You want to be able to keep your balance when you strut on the runway. This means making sure that you allow your arms their natural movement. Avoid having big movements and make sure that your arms aren’t too stiff as well. Consider the clothing that you are going to be wearing so you can decide what is the best way that you can do with your hands. Sticking it inside a pocket is not a bad idea either.

Have the Right Attitude

You are modelling the clothes that you are wearing. You need people to look at you and what you have on. This is why you need to have a flirty and commanding attitude when walking the runway. You will be more fun to look at for the audience.

Go With the Rhythm

There will usually be loud music playing along as you strut so, make the most use of the rhythm to help guide you into being with the beat. You want to naturally bounce to the beat so keep those shoulders back and hold your head high.

Know What to Do With Your Eyes

Walking the runway means making sure that you keep your eyes straight. Never look down. Look straight ahead at the cameras. Everything else is going to be distracting you so, make sure to have a spot that will help hold your gaze on to keep your concentration as you do your walk.

Walking the runway sounds a lot of hard work. It shouldn’t be though when you know what you are doing. Know about more modelling and runway tips by reading about Model’s Direct online, it can help you when you want to be part of a modelling agency.