Overview of the Features and Properties of Rayon Silk

Rayon fibres are artificially made. They are known as a type of regenerated cellulose fibre. There are different types and grades of Rayon and gives the feel and texture of natural fibres like wool, silk or cotton. Rayon fibres that look like silk are referred to as artificial silk.

Preparing Rayon Silk

Rayon is made from purified cellulose. They are made from wood pulp in a chemical process resulting in fibres of pure cellulose. There are different types of Rayon used including viscose, lyocell, and modal. Each type of Rayon differs from the other in manufacturing process and attributes of the finished products.

Artificially silk can be produced using the following methods:-

  • Using Nitrocellulose
  • Acetate Method
  • Cuprammonium Method
  • Viscose Method
  • Lyocell process

Fibre Properties

Rayon is a versatile fibre and it has similar comfort properties as that of natural fibres. Rayon textiles are often like nylon. Such textiles have the feeling of wool, silk, linen and cotton. Such fibres can be conveniently dyed using a range of colours. Besides, rayon fibres are soft, smooth, comfortable, cool and highly absorbent. The fibres do not insulate body heat and thus they are ideal for use in hot and humid climates.

Features of Rayon Clothing

There are other attributes of Rayon which makes them a class apart from other fibre types. Compared to other fibres, Rayon has low durability, especially when they are wet. Such fibres have lowest elastic recovery properties when compared to other fibre types. The HWM rayon has high durability, they have appearance retention properties. HWM rayon can be machine-washed easily.

Buy Online Rayon Wearable at Attractive Prices

There are e-stores which offer the customers (women or children) high-quality rayon fabric at affordable costs. Rayon fabric is perfect for warm weather. Rayon is used for women’s or kid’s dresses like blouses, neckties, kimonos, sweaters, pyjamas and sportswear. Rayonfibres are often used for making scarves. Dresses of different types of Rayon fibres are sold online. If you are keen to purchase rayon cloth then you can do it online from the comforts of your home.